Close-up of magnifying glass focusing on two peopleInstead of deflecting a critical comment by counter-attacking, blaming, or pointing out the flaws of the one who leveled it at you, try using it as a starting point for introspection.

In the moment, you can say, “Thanks for sharing that with me. I will give it some consideration.”

Then, at your earliest convenience, do exactly that by asking yourself, “In what ways could this criticism of me be true?”

There’s very little anyone can accuse you of that won’t have at least a grain of truth to it.

And when you can identify that grain, tiny though it may be, you will also have found an opportunity.

Because once you see it, you can either work to change it or work to accept it and minimize the harm you cause to others because of it.

Who knows —  someday you might even find yourself actively seeking and welcoming criticism because of the empowering insights it reveals!