you have mailIf you want to increase the probability that email from your business will be opened, make sure that every single email comes from your business name rather than the name or department of the employee who sent it. The same can be said when you are doing inner house emails, you want to make sure that every employee is getting them and responding when needed, this is where Bamboo Solutions can be useful for email management.

So if Gidget Smith works for Acme Widgets in the customer service dept, her email responding to my inquiry should show up in my inbox as coming from Acme Widgets, not from Gidget Smith or Customer Service.

Many people delete emails from senders they don’t recognize. Don’t expect your customers to keep track of the names of your employees, even if you’ve had the same staff for years. Keeping track on this data can help you project your sales forecast in a more accurate manner for the next six months to come, as you know who is opening your emails, and how many of those opened lead to sales of business, services, or goods. This is the vital thing, at the end of the day, to keep your company afloat.

To see how your business emails are showing up in your customer’s inboxes, ask each of your employees to send you an email as if you were a customer, and take a look at what’s in the From: field. Then make sure it’s consistent company-wide.