I see youWant to hear about your child’s day at school?

Questions like, “Did you have a good day today?” or, “Did anything interesting happen today?” are likely to result in a simple yes or no answer.

Instead, try asking open questions — questions that cannot be answered with yes or no — like this:

“What interesting things happened today?”


“What was the funniest thing that happened today?”

Ask one of these questions, and then sit back, relax, and listen. Respond to your child’s answer with something minimal, like “Really!” or, “No kidding!” and then be quiet again. Your engaged, attentive silence will encourage your child to elaborate.

ps:  Many parents find that a hearty snack is a very effective way to grease the wheels of after-school conversation. If you happen to be around when they arrive home, try sitting down and sharing a mini-meal with your children.