This tip might seem ridiculously simple, but you’d be shocked at how often it doesn’t happen.Hand Holding Telephone Receiver

Make time in your schedule every single weekday to return phone calls and respond to emails from current and prospective customers. If you are not sure where to start, you may want to look at cloud contact center solutions to see if they fit in with your business plan.

Even better, schedule TWO times to do this each day, one just before lunch for messages received in the morning, and one just before close of business for messages that come in during the afternoon. With a sophisticated phone and messaging system for your business, making calls, communicating, and doing business with the outside world can be streamlined and optimized; with solutions from EATEL (view site), this could be implemented in your business.

Responding very promptly, even if all you do is acknowledge that their communication was received, sends a powerful message: I value your business and I am here to help.

Most businesses are now on social media, meaning that they have even more platforms to check. This is, unfortunately, just a part of the business. You have to make time to respond to your customers, especially if you want them to keep coming back to your company. You can receive messages from all social media platforms, so you need to check these daily. Some platforms allow you to reply to the messages on a computer, not a phone, this is much more efficient for offices. Businesses using Instagram will be glad to know that they can now reply to instagram messages online. This means that you can respond much quicker, through using your computer or laptop. Ensure that all messages are acknowledged.

If you need additional time to gather information or research your response, I recommend closing the communication loop at the end of the day with something like: I am working on your request, and will get back to you tomorrow with the answer to your question.