MP900387517In high conflict joint custody situations, the less you need to negotiate with your ex, the better. So do your best to honor the parenting time schedule exactly as it was outlined in your written agreement.

If something comes up that requires you to be away from home during your parenting time, don’t try to negotiate a change in the parenting schedule. Instead ask a family member or friend to care for your child, or hire a beloved babysitter. If the custody process isn’t working well for you, seek advice from your lawyer on what can be done. Since it is a high conflict custody situation, avoid talking to her ex first.

You can avoid a lot of stress and conflict by refraining from asking your ex to be flexible in order to accommodate your needs. Divorce proceedings can take its toll on all parties involved, especially the children, they see and hear more than the parents believe them to. Going through this doesn’t have to be a pull and push scenario by anyone, showing children that they are the number one priority in all of this and their welfare is put right at the front of all of this can help them get through it with you. Check out Https:// to read up on the information about child custody and support to see what you could do to help your child, and how the divorce matters will unfold with the steps you take. If you are going through a divorce and are looking for an attorney to represent you then you might want to contact Rees Law Firm, who specialise in Family Law Jonesboro AR. You want to make sure you are well represented so that both your and your children’s best interests are met.