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motivational interviewing
  • Customized trainings, presentations and workshops on-site or via Zoom
  • Individualized coaching and consulting in person, by phone or via Zoom
  • MICA and MITI 4 coding and coaching
  • Coaching circle, learning group, and community of practice facilitation
  • Member of Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)
interpersonal communication
  • Customized training and workshops in person and via Zoom
  • Individual coaching and consulting by phone, Zoom, and email
  • Communication skills for high conflict negotiations
  • Editing and revision of business and personal emails
  • Heat-of-the-moment support by phone, email and text
divorce/joint custody
  • Effective everyday parenting strategies
  • Communication coaching, including heat-of-the-moment support by phone, email and text
  • Editing and revision of co-parenting emails
  • Pre-mediation and arbitration consultations
  • Workshops and learning group facilitation
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About Karen

Karen imparts knowledge while staying tuned to the participants’ experience, adjusting accordingly, and bringing out the inherent knowledge that already exists within each person in attendance.

You bring such wise and practical input and your calm and down-to-earth presence puts everyone at ease. I so appreciate your respectful approach!

Karen’s Motivational Interviewing course is packed with invaluable information, and she presents it in a way that fosters understanding. She also makes sure to provide the practice and encouraging feedback that bring the work to life and creates deep learning.

Karen is my go-to consultant for expert assistance with my written or verbal business communication. She always responds promptly with practical, effective advice that is easy to implement.

Karen, you have made a real and sizeable impact on the quality of this program and the lives of the people in it. Endless thanks.

Your graciousness and good counsel has meant so much to us — thank you. It has been extraordinary to see the effect on our family.

Karen’s deep experience with MI combined with her natural skills as a facilitator and educator make her an ideal trainer. She is meticulous in her preparation and puts everyone at ease.

Karen is a masterful facilitator. Her workshops were creative, intentional, and productive.

Karen’s experience and knowledge was tremendous. The opportunities to practice and role-play were excellent. We need to offer this training to ALL staff!

The interleaving of content and practice was perfectly pitched. I want to re-take this every year.

The skill practice during your training was extremely valuable, and your feedback was priceless — simultaneously positive and constructive.

What I love most about the way that Karen coaches and trains Motivational Interviewing is that she is the embodiment of MI Spirit while doing so.

It was really helpful that Karen’s training met the needs of our work context specifically, rather than just MI in general.

THANK YOU for your patience and professionalism with our team throughout the process. You are a pleasure to work with!

Karen not only teaches … she inspires.

Karen has kept these get-togethers fresh, focused and alive with learning.

Karen brings both down-to-earth wisdom and practical, concrete guidance that is useful and realistic.

I really appreciate your help and I love being able to access you by e-mail whenever I need assistance. Thanks again!

If you are seeking communication strategies that produce positive results with your clients, I highly recommend consulting with Karen.

Trying to understand what our son’s need is in a given situation has been a good exercise for us, and helps us to be more empathetic in our response to him. Thank you!

Karen’s enthusiasm is contagious. Wish we had more time — can we bring her back soon?

Karen offers wisdom, understanding, encouragement, reframing, and profound invitations to consider new approaches and options.

With her open mind and patient disposition, Karen is a natural teacher and supporter.

Thank you for creating a safe and supportive learning environment! I see tangible improvements in my MI skills.

Several parents mentioned to me recently how great and useful your presentation on tantrums was. I just thought you’d like to know people are still talking about its value months later, and we’d like to have you come again soon.

Karen is a wonderful facilitator … gifted at creating an environment in which learning and making new discoveries is a welcome, comfortable process.

Karen is able to bring people together to share their ideas and thoughts in ways that benefit everyone.

Karen has an ear for listening, understanding what challenges might be most painful, and gently encouraging one to think about those issues in entirely new ways.

Overall, I feel like our interactions with the boys are better, and it’s such a good feeling to be accepting of my kids’ behavior.

Karen not only knows her “stuff”, but how to present it so that the listener hears it without resistance and becomes willing to change.

Karen helps with interpersonal AND intrapersonal communication. On numerous occasions she has helped me get beyond my self-talk and vaporize my limiting beliefs.

The most helpful professional development training I’ve attended all year!

You show so much empathy and deep understanding of both parents and children going through the divorce process and you are able to speak to both very well.

Definitely one of my favorite trainings to date.

Karen’s trainings are very informative and engaging.

This training was a valuable use of my time, and I don’t say that very often!

The class was great and just what I needed to hear for the issues we have been struggling with. Sometimes all you have to do is take a different approach or hear a different perspective to get the ball rolling again.

The small group and scenario practice with Karen’s help and feedback was so helpful.

It was really helpful having the time to practice and debrief the skills we were trying out.

I liked the structure of the activities, the opportunities for practice/application, and chances to interact with and learn from other participants.

Karen was clearly very knowledgeable and extremely skilled in running these workshops. She was also very well prepared.

I really appreciated that the materials were so applicable to our work. This is the best professional development I’ve done all year!

It’s clear that Karen is in it for the love of it, and knows how to draw from her vast experience to help people gain deeper insight into the diverse questions and concerns that emerge in the moment.

I am able to provide information to students in a more relaxed atmosphere by utilizing MI. I focus my teaching to the students’ needs and learning level. While we meet, I attempt to let the student lead the conversation and decide what next steps they are interested in taking. Allowing the student to be an active participant in the process gives them ownership of the results. MI encourages them to truly work on their individual goals.

MI has been extremely instrumental to me as a school counselor. MI tools have opened my eyes to see the power of CHANGE and also to see how powerful change is when it is initiated by the person wanting to make a change.

For workshops, trainings, and corporate coaching/consulting, please contact karen@karenalonge.com to discuss your needs — costs will vary.

For individuals, I offer a complimentary fifteen minute phone call to help us determine whether we are a good match to work together. Phone and Zoom consultations typically take about an hour and are billed at $100. I will email you an invoice after our consultation. Credit card payments and checks are accepted.

If you are located near Boulder, CO we may be able to schedule an in-person consultation for a fee of $120/hr.

Please feel free to inquire about my sliding scale or payment plan options.


To schedule a consultation, email karen@karenalonge.com a few times that would work for you as well as your phone number and time zone, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm which time I will give you a call. If you haven’t heard back from me in 24 hours, please give me a call at 720 771 8915 and leave a message. Your email may have been filtered out by my provider’s spam filter, which I unfortunately cannot adjust.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

No one-size-fits-all trainings here … I will design a customized training for your organization or department to ensure the information conveyed is relevant and easily applicable for the attendees. We can work together in person or via Zoom. The time frames are also customizable, from one hour to two full days and everything in between. My trainings are highly experiential and participatory — everyone gets a chance to practice!

I also provide follow up evaluation of recordings and telephone coaching sessions to assist attendees in integrating what they have learned into their day-to-day work context.

Please contact karen@karenalonge.com to discuss your needs.

I facilitate workshops, retreats and small discussion groups, live and via Zoom, on subjects such as:

Brain Science and Anger Management
Effective Communication in High Conflict Situations
Dealing with Angry or Defensive People

Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment
Preventing Compassion Fatigue
Making Change Sustainable

Parenting Teenagers
Dealing with Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors

Joint Custody with an Uncooperative Ex
Surviving Divorce

I am also happy to create and facilitate customized mini-retreats or workshops.

Emails sent in the heat of the moment can be referenced forever. Send them to me first, and I’ll help you clean them up to reduce the probability of anything coming back to bite you later.

The rate for this service is $100/hr. I will keep track of my time and invoice you by email at the end of each month. You can set a cap for the month in advance if you’d like, and ask for an up-to-the-minute balance at any time.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life – relationships, divorce, dating, business/career, personal development, or health, to name a few, maybe you’d like to join me for a catalytic conversation.

I’ll listen deeply, ask questions that may help to uncover the core of your dilemma, and share intuitive insights and suggestions.

You might just find yourself popping effortlessly out of old patterns and into new possibilities!

Conversations can take place by phone, skype, or near Boulder, CO.

Sessions are billed at $100/hr.

Pattern Release Technique (PRT) is my own unique synthesis of multiple healing modalities, including Elma Mayer’s Now Healing, Gary Craig’s EFT, and the Yuen Method among others.

Sessions are conducted by phone, Facetime or Zoom, and you’ll be able to apply this method on your own as often as you wish to free yourself of limiting patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.

Visit www.pattern-release-technique.com for more information and to see what clients are saying.

Click here for a list of links and resources about commmunication, parenting, relationships, personal development, and other topics I like to study.

Questions? Ready to get started? 

karen@karenalonge.com    ~    720 771 8915

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